Adult Mosquito Control (Fogging) Schedule

Fogging is typically conducted in evenings from sunset to 2 and a half hours after sunset.

The Gem County Mosquito Abatement District is, first and foremost, a public health protection program and is designed to reduce and minimize the risk from mosquito-borne disease by managing mosquitoes. For this purpose, the district makes applications on private property to control mosquitoes. District technicians are trained to gain the best coverage. The district and its technicians are not custom applicators. It is district policy that all adult mosquito control service vehicles (foggers) must stay on an established road, lane, or driveway. Technicians are not allowed to drive through lawns, fields, and off of designated roadways. The practice of driving off of established roadways is hazardous and is not congruent with continuity of operations needs. The product applied to control adult mosquitoes spreads for significant distance naturally, is carried by the wind (with intention) for substantial distances, and is considered a wide-area insecticide application. The vehicle is not required to pass through every area of a property to gain control, as the product has an established 300 foot swath width. Requests for custom applications off of roadways, lanes, and drives will not be entertained. In an effort to minimize repeated technician exposure to aerosolized insecticides, the technicians will not open and close gates or do anything that requires the technician to leave the vehicle cab. Thank you for your consideration.


Date, 2021 If wind and weather permits, areas targeted for fogging tonight include:
June 11

No fogging is scheduled for this evening due to windy weather conditions.  No other fogging is scheduled for the weekend.

June 10

In Emmett: Plaza Rd north of Waterwheel Rd, Frozen Dog Rd, Fuller Rd, Honey Ln, E. Black Canyon Hwy east of Idaho Blvd, Pleasant Valley Rd, River Ranch Ln, Julie Ave, Cherry Ln, Substation Rd south of Cherry Ln, E. Sales Yard Rd, Wills Rd, S. Johns Ave, South Slope Rd east of Mill Rd, Tom’s Cabin Rd, South Slope Rd west of Star Ln, Star Ln south of Hwy 52, Hwy 52 between Star Ln and Tom’s Cabin Rd, Thornock Rd, County Line Rd north of Brill Rd, Little Rock Rd north of Brill Rd, Brill Rd, Hwy 52 west of Thornock Rd, and other streets and lanes in those areas.

June 11: Not all areas completed last night due to cool temperatures.

June 9

No fogging is scheduled for this evening due to inclement weather conditions.

June 8

In Emmett: E. Idaho Blvd, E. Black Canyon Hwy to E. Idaho Blvd, Buttercup Ln, Hallam Ln, Lower Bluff Rd, Fenton Dr, Longview Ln, E. Central Rd, N. Washington St, Shady Ln, Dewey Rd, Brogan Rd, Bishop Rd, Bill Burns Rd between Brogan Rd and Little Rock Rd, Berglund Rd, and other streets and lanes in those areas.

June 7

In Emmett: Vanderdasson Rd, Morehouse Rd, Hwy 52 between Vanderdasson Rd and Berglund Rd, Letha, and other streets and lanes in those areas.

In Montour: West Ridge Ln, N. Hwy 52, Montour Rd north of the Payette River, Sweet/Ola Hwy, Butte Rd, John Ln, Darnell Ln, Kirkpatrick Rd, and other streets and lanes in those areas.

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